About Freidom Fighter

After posting to Facebook for a while because it was easiest- and got the best reactions from people, I realized I really needed to find my posts a more permanent home.

A place where I can find things more easily than scrolling through my old feed, where I can categorize things for later reference, and where others can more easily share if they so choose.

My vision down the line is to have some resources on here as well, and maybe some guests posts. But the key point is not to plan too much, and let this whole thing unfold as it has until now - organically.

If you want to know more about my own story, feel free to read the biography posts on this site, or download the eBook that's basically just a compilation in a more organized fashion.

Got feedback? Suggestions? I love hearing from people - both their stories, and how they experienced my writing. Write to me. I try to read everything and usually reply.

Awards and Acolades