It all fell apart one day, and I do not get credit for doing so. The initiative came from outside myself. I did not have the inner strength to do the unthinkable, the fortitude to acknowledge failure, the resilience to be anything but what my current shitty life was. So it...
I always transition quickly. Within a week, there was no indication that I was ever religious. I would take tourist friends I met at hostels on tour of Meah She’arim, to try to look at that world through their eyes. Just a fascinating anthropological study, instead of a social institution...

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Even More Freidom

The Spirit and The Letter

Overall Judaism doesn't concern itself as much with attitude. It's mostly about endless laws that you either...

Bible Criticism

For many people, leaving religion is a philosophical experience, and as part of that books play an...

Holy War

Most religions have a concept of the battle between good and evil. An epic conflict between satan...

But it Works for Me

I struggled for a long time with the clash between my own values, own way of doing...

Suffering: Understanding the Ununderstandable

Spot the meme. Also, double negatives are so not not cool.