Shame is a bitch. A motherfucking cuntbusting bitch. Of all negative emotions, it’s the one that hits me the hardest, because it challenges my very existence. To stare in the face of your shame is to stare into...
Psychedelics have played a key part in my growth and healing past traumas. When I have spoken about them in the past, more people have asked me about my experiences, and I finally sat down to complied a rough overview of my own...
It’s hard to be compassionate when you’re afraid. And charedim are afraid of everything. Of God, of change, of novelty. Growing up, a healthy dose of compassion would have gone a long way, but there was none to be found. Yiras Shomayim, fear of God, is what...

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Even More Freidom

Chapter #12.5: Independence

As all this darkness and such was unfolding I found myself in a top rabbinical...

The Kiruv Glossary

Are you in the process of getting brainwashed by an Institute for Jewish Wisdom? Is...

Spoken Word

One of my favorite memories of all time is a simple one. Reuven Karasik and Tehila Ben Kalifa came...

No Bad Questions

The kiruv world prides itself in its open-mindedness. "Ask us anything! We...

Chapter #12: Darkness

I will not go into detail about this chapter of my life, because it involves...