Psychedelics have played a key part in my growth and healing past traumas. When I have spoken about them in the past, more people have asked me about my experiences, and I finally sat down to complied a rough overview of my own...
It’s hard to be compassionate when you’re afraid. And charedim are afraid of everything. Of God, of change, of novelty. Growing up, a healthy dose of compassion would have gone a long way, but there was none to be found. Yiras Shomayim, fear of God, is what...

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Even More Freidom

Chapter #10: The IDF

I joined the army on my 20th birthday. I desperately wanted a...

Love Thy Neighbor and All That Jazz

Remember to love thy neighbor, especially if they are not Jewish/religious and are showing...

You’re 21. It’s Official!

This a real ad, saving me the effort of needing to Photoshop things.

How Fucking Convenient

It's a holocaust out there. Thus was the Aish narrative. A...

Love Thy Neighbor, Hate Thyself

Around two years ago, one of my siblings was struck in a hit and run...