I think this one actually best expresses the issue that bothers me the most.
A precursor of things to come...
Shloime the Website Builder of Chelm presents...
Spot the meme. Also, double negatives are so not not cool.
Remember to love thy neighbor, especially if they are not Jewish/religious and are showing signs of becoming such. It's a kiddush hashem y'all!
It's been a while. Can you tell I'm angry? I guess this one has been too painful to even make fun of until now. I think this claim is probably the most pretentious and disappointing claim I encountered in Judaism.
Torah! Oh Torah! It’s the absolute truthIt’s better than coke or ice cold vermouthThe Torah’s our guide to tell us wrongful from rightfulTo make the right choices, now ain’t that delightful?Because you’d never just trust your own teensy brainTo make good decisions, that would be a strain
This one’s a doozy. Bear with me. Also, if you have a bit of context, you’ll know this ones strike quite close to home. TL;DR at the end. Here’s how the spiel goes: Judaism is amazing. It’s enlightened. It’s changed the world for the...
So, yeah, in case you didn't know. This is totally a real law. If you didn't wipe your butt properly, any prayer or study you've done during that time is a sin instead of a virtue. The same law (guf naki) that argues that some women shouldn't...

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This being a synagogue bathroom, I suppose it makes sense that one would flush...

Love Thy Neighbor and All That Jazz

Remember to love thy neighbor, especially if they are not Jewish/religious and are showing...