Blessed art thou God, who gave the rooster knowledge to differentiate between day and night Every morning, the wakeup ritual was the same. Someone would drag a boom box into the dormitory hallway, and crank out the same Miami Boys song as loudly as...
In 1946, following the holocaust, a highly unusual event occurred, one that involved, for the first time in history, the unification of different sects of Judaism. Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform rabbis met together at Steglitz-Zehlendorf in West Berlin; the conference later became known as the Steglitz-Zehlendorf Conference.
“You know what Olam Habah is?” Explains the Slonimer Rebbe. “Olam Habah is the entire earth covered in dump trucks full of gold. And then stack them on top of each other until you reach the sky.” That’s a fuckton of gold.
“On Rosh Hashanah, we pray to be inscribed in the book of life,” explains Rabbi Feigenkrantz. “On Yom Kippur, Hashem seals the deal.” It was a very narrow window of opportunity that affected the rest of the year, so try to stay inspired. Don’t...
I had more fun making this than I did in a long time. Something about drawing attention to individual nuances of the bullshit, framed in the context of how interchangeable any of the responses can be with any of the prompts.  Scroll through the...
Judaism teaches that our interpersonal relationships are just a key to relating to God, especially our romantic ones. So, capitalizing on the bestselling book that opened people’s eyes to the fact that not all people are exactly the same, here’s our appropriation of this pop psychology masterpiece....
My favorite talmudic anecdote from a gemarah in Shabbat somewhere around daf 134ish. Paraphrased loosely: "Should a snake crawl into a woman's vagina - which they are inclined to do because in the sin of Genesis the snake slept with...
The book cover that started it all. Looking back almost three years to the original comment, I see that I actually independently came up with many of these original ideas. Other titles I can currently come up with include: "Why? answers...
See also, Anal.
See also, Hashgacha Pratis.

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My favorite talmudic anecdote from a gemarah in Shabbat somewhere around daf 134ish.