Yeshiva Aish Hatorah, also known as Aish, is a cult educational organization based out of Jerusalem. Founded by Rabbi Noach Weinberg, they hide their nefarious intent behinds fancy positive words like “Jewish pride”, “Spirituality” and “Wisdom”.

    Behind the scenes is an organization devoted to getting people to become fanatically religious, by only showing the good parts of Judaism to people who first encounter it, and then convincing their victims that they are morally obligated to go and convert others to the same brand of dogma. They call this “leadership training”.

    I don’t like them.

    By the way, the proper way to write your query would be Yeshivat Aish Hatorah. Dropping the T at the end of is a bullshit American thing to do, because the T is important for making the “Yeshiva” be possessive of “Aish Hatorah”.

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