Bar Mitzvah


    Bar Mitzvas are the time in which Jewish boys are considered “men”, which is obviouly aged 13.

    This is when they are assumed to hit puberty and become obligated in all the 613 commandments. Until that age, their sins are considered that of their parents, from this point on, their sins are now their own to enjoy.

    Emotions often felt by Bar Mitzvah boys on this special day include excitement, joy, fear, and crushing guilt.

    Contrary to popular opinion, Bar Mitzvah is a status someone automatically achieves on their 13th birthday, regardless of whether they are called to the Torah, recite a cliche speech in front of a congregation, or are given copious amounts of gifts.

    Bat Mitzvas – a woman’s Bar Mitzvah

    Women are technically Bat Mitzvah at the age of 12, which is one of the only times in which Judaism acknowledges that women are more responsible than men.

    Women traditionally don’t mark this in any way, because they are not considered players in Jewish community life, and they are also not commanded to fulfil any positive commandants that are “time bound”. This means that being a good jewish woman mostly means keeping your elbows covered and having lots of babies.

    Mazal Tov!

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