It’s been a while. Can you tell I’m angry?

I guess this one has been too painful to even make fun of until now.

I think this claim is probably the most pretentious and disappointing claim I encountered in Judaism.

Let’s leave aside the whole Rav Arush bullshit about women being the robotic result of your spiritual state – whatever they are going through is just a result of your actions. How do they have free will? We won’t bother with such trivial questions.

No. I’m sure many of you will dismiss him as extreme as weird. I’m talking about stuff much closer to home.

Kiruv rabbis. “Relationship experts”. Spending a vast amount of their time promising people ideas for a better future.

Sharing gems that are either repackaged pop psychology or “ancient Jewish wisdom” like the following gems.

  • Nidda is like a honeymoon every month.
  • Jews have been respecting women for generations
  • Don’t spend too much time talking to your wife
  • Let’s go from never touching a woman to having sex with her in one evening
  • Women are just little girls, don’t take them too seriously
  • Men are the spiritual leaders of the home

The irony? These people’s relationships often suck just as much as the next person. And the hypocrisy is overwhelming.

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