Musings on Religion


Recently, in light of recent events, a friend of mine asked to have a call with me, which was quite awesome, and to record it, which was cool.

We ended up discussing a whole bunch of stuff – why I write this stuff on Facebook and what it’s been like for me. Following your intuition vs. your mind. Self actualization vs. self awareness. My attitude towards self discipline.

The emotional liberation of dropping religion. My relationship with money and frugality – and how I see financial literacy in my family and society. On having children, being a father, and the guilt of parenting.

My views on marriage – in Judaism and in general. On loneliness, happiness, and dropping out of rabbinical school.

Since I was only able to record my side, it came out as an almost hour long monologue. It’s like a podcast with no interviewer and no defined subject. Dream come true, right?

So if you’ve been following my posts but also want to hear my sultry voice (I was fighting a cold, so even sexier than normal), or if your idea of a good time is listening to me talk for an hour, this recording is for you.

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