Ad Campaign for Freedom Cracker


I was honored, nay honored, to be part of the rebranding of one of the most established names in Jewish cuisine. Freedom Cracker has been serving up stale cold matza since 1776, and when they approached us to “bring matza to the 21st century”, we jumped at the opportunity.

The result was an ad series aimed at “reimagining tradition”, the new tagline we came up for Freedom Cracker. This was expressed in the form of a series of artisanal displayed photographs that elevate the subject to an art form, alongside with a themed series that touches upon Jewish historical traditions.

We are reminded of the biblical verse “yona matza bo manoach”, which roughly translates to ‘in Matza, Jonah found rest’.

May we all find rest and freedom this holiday. Keep an eye out for Freedom Cracker ads in Mishpacha, Ami, and all other quality magazines for the discerning public.

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