Freidom Fighter is Absolute Truth


Here’s how we know that everything on this website is 100% true:

(And let me preface this by saying that we don’t know anything with absolute certainty, so it’s ok that you don’t know with absolute certainty as long as you know it with the same amount of certainty that you know everything else, because the nature of knowledge is complex and who are we to really know? Maybe we’re just brains in a jar? It stands, therefore, that you can believe whatever you want, with absolute certainty, especially in a paragraph that uses the words “clarity” and “certainty” a lot)

  • I have a long-lasting tradition of telling this to my kids, and no one as a collective has ever told their kids a bullshit story to shut them up or make them behave.
  • The 4th letter of every sixth word in Deuteronomy spells “Freidom Fighter”, and the odds of this happening are 1 in 56,000,000. Compare that to the book “War and Peace”, where the odds are 1 in 69,000,000.
  • Everyone hates Freidom Fighter more than any other blog on the internet. This is proof that it is The Chosen Blog.
  • Even people who disagree with my posts have still said that the writing is really good. And some of them are mathematicians, doctors, and scientists. Heck, some non-Jews have read parts of it!
  • Other blogs about similar topics actually refer back to my blog, this is the blog that sparked many of the most popular blogs in the world today.
  • This blog has made many predictions, about 50% of which have consistently come true. For example: right now, as you read this, it’s sunny out.
  • I have scientific facts on here. I’ve been saying them before scientists were, and although scientists actually don’t agree with these facts you can clearly see that I preceded, nay, predicted, science.
  • Everything anyone in the world has ever done, thought, or felt, was inspired by articles I wrote on here. You can know this because I wrote about a range of human thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and simultaneously you can see people all over the world engaging in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  • This blog is so complicated. There are articles that link to other articles. There are over 100,000 words. Let’s not even get started on the code that runs this thing. It could never have happened at random. Therefore, it has a unique creator (me). Consequently, it’s obvious I have a detailed plan for how you should live your life, including (of course) that when a kid gets their first baby tooth you should pull it out with a plier and sacrifice it unto me because it pleases me greatly. I will deliver my messages to you via cryptic letters hidden under your recycling bin every couple of months, and it will be up to you to decipher what I mean. If you get it wrong, I will reset you, if you get my drift. If you need help interpreting it, you’ll find that people named Steve are really good at doing that. Seek out anyone and everyone named Steve and follow all of their opinions.
  • The world is full of difficult choices and behaviors that you need to make. Wouldn’t it be more fun if you let me make all of them for you? You’ll never have to feel guilty again.

I will add more proofs here as I think of them, or as scientists discover them and they fit with what I’m trying to say here.

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