Sefira, Baby


Rabbi 1: Summer is coming, brace yourself.

Rabbi 2: oy vey, summer? People have way too much fun in the summer

Rabbi 1: Yeah, it happens every year. It’s horrible. All those elbows and beach parties.

Rabbi 2: Whatever shall we do?

Rabbi 1: I know, I know, let’s ban music.

Rabbi 2: Oh yeah, I love that! For the entire summer? What if it’s too much for people to handle?

Rabbi 1: We’ll let them listen for one day. And we’ll also let them light a bonfire at the same time. Get all the vices out at the same time.

Rabbi 2: Nice, how should we make it seem like this rule is all their fault?

Rabbi 1:  We’ll tell them it’s because they’re behaving shittily to each other. That gem’s timeless.

Rabbi 2: Ok great! And let’s blame them for disasters that happened hundreds of years ago.

Rabbi 1: Naturally.

Rabbi 2: If only there was a way to make the experience even worse for them? Something that really drives the point home. Pours salt on the wounds that we’ve inflicted.

Rabbi 1: I know, we’ll tell them there is only one kind of music they can listen to.

Rabbi 2: What kind is that?

Rabbi 1: Acapella

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