Shul Name Generator


Are you starting a new synagogue, and not sure what to call it?

Are you an American who doesn’t speak any Hebrew or know the correct grammar for stringing words together?

Are you hoping to dedicate this new illustrious institution in the memory of a loved one? We can help you figure out his Jewish (read: Yiddish) name as well.

How it Works

This generator combines all possible 8 first names of Jewish synagogues with all 11 possible second names, creating an almost infinite 88 possible names for you to choose from, so that you can be completely original.

In fact, you’re not limited to just Shuls. It’s perfect for Yeshivas and Chesed organizations as well.

Warning: not suitable for seminaries, as the word “Binah” is not included in the algorithm.

Shul Name Generator

Shul Name Generator

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