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Until now, with a few notable exceptions, Freidom Fighter has been my own writings, opinions, and perspectives. It was born out of that, and for a long time, that was its only purpose, for me to make sense of what had happened to me, through humor, creativity, swearing, and frothing at the mouth.

Over time, an unexpected thing happened, and people started messaging me that they found this site validating, inspiring, cathartic. These messages are incredibly meaningful to me. They add a purpose to all of this that I did not originally intend, they make me feel like I’ve made some sort of impact on other people’s lives, and they provide a sense of meaning to some of what I’ve been through, knowing that in some way, it’s helping others.

In parallel, some of the critics of what I have written about, have denied, diminished, and marginalized these experiences. THey make them sound like extreme or unusual instances, something that just happened to me. They frame things as exceptions, not the rules, incidents that are being taken out of context.

For both these reasons, I want to invite others to share on this site, in the form of guest posts.

could be any format you’d like – a short anecdote, a longer story, a creative spin on a timeless tale of bullshit. It can be anonymous, or it can have your name on it. I do prefer it be about your own 1st person experience or observation.

All this, to give voice to what you’ve been through, if you find others reading it to be validating. And to create a body of testimony against those who seek to diminish the impact that Orthodoxy and Kiruv has wrought upon others.

If I was Aish, I’d make a comment at this point about a spiritual holocaust and remembrance. But I’m not. I’ll let your own human experience remain your own. You make the meaning that you want out of it.

You are welcome to share, or not. The choice is yours.

What a fucking novel idea.

Just email to get started.

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