The Big Three


From the back cover:

  • Are you worried that someone from the secular world will ask you a question about Judaism that you don’t have an answer for?
  • Are you heading out to a campus to inspire others about Judaism with only a tenuous amount of knowledge of it yourself?
  • Are you concerned that all the things you do that make zero sense will turn people off to the “richness of their heritage”?

Fret no more.

This simple primer will allow you to dispel any question with one of three simple answers. Use each when it’s most appropriate, or stack them together to create a truly ironclad case.

Here are The Three Answers To All Questions:


Why would God allow a man to keep his wife married against her will?

“You have to understand that it all is a part of a larger framework:

  1. It all starts with a belief in God, because after all, who created the world?
  2. And then He gave specific instructions to the Jewish people, which by the way, no one else has ever claimed to receive so publicly.
  3. So now that’s that out of the way, we’ll do whatever we’re instructed to.”


Not touching your wife while she’s menstruating?

“Here’s the psychological reason why that’s actually a really nice thing, and let’s ignore all the not nice parts of it that don’t make sense (like when she’s giving birth).”


Not cutting your toenails in order?

“There’s a Kabalistic idea behind that. I don’t know what it is, but it’s there.”

Now go forth and save the Jewish people.

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