For the most part, I identify as left-leaning. In many ways, I am more critical of Israel than the average Jew. But I have long been aware of the dangers that far left ideologies pose - the prioritization of minority rights above all else,...
Even in this time of crisis, I am incredibly conflicted about the Israeli flag.  I completely support Israel’s right to defend itself. To strike, and strike first, at those who intend to kill Jews. The intentions of those who live in Israel’s own backyard...
The bible, so full of contradictory statements, is a perfect setting for Rorschach tests. It’s all just spilled ink on the page. You see what you want to see. You want airy fairy hippy shit? You got it.
When I think of Israel. I think a small group of innovative technologists. A country full of many smart people, disproportionately packed into a space that’s too small for them. Amazing Middle Eastern food. Have you ever noticed...
When my cousins were in the army, my aunt refused to leave the country. For years, she made sure to stick around just in case something happened to them. Aside from the level of devotion this demonstrated, which I can only be jealous of,...
With all the shit that has been going down in Israel, I figured it was about time I wrote about my take on the subject. (See how you don't even need a date to acknowledge that there is shit going on in Israel?)
I made a song about a certain someone. No clue if anyone else will like it. But it was good for my healing. You gotta admit that the metaphor of Noah's ark sinking is a good one though.
My partner just came back from an eight-day silent meditation retreat. She remarked (with some jealousy) how all the serious meditation teachers were childless, which seemed necessary for one to seriously pursue enlightenment. They were thus free to traipse around from one retreat to the next, unfettered...
A key Aish tactic in proving God’s existence, was emphasizing the unusual.  There is no nation as oppressed as the Jews.  No other nation claims public revelation. No other book can spell the word Pizza or Hitler...
I sense a continuous state of judgment and disapproval from you towards me and my siblings, for not "doing what's right", not "thinking critically", and not "using our own judgment". We are "following the masses" and "doing what's easy and convenient". I find this...

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What lost objects are your own, and which must you return to their owners?Rabbi Akiva...

The Flag of Conflict

Even in this time of crisis, I am incredibly conflicted about the Israeli flag. 

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The 80s get a bad rap. For synth music and terrible fashion. Generalized away in...


So, yeah, in case you didn't know. This is totally a real law. If you...