An interview with Rabbi Shalom Tzvi Shore, spiritual leader of the anti-Kiruv movement. This article is part of a series written by the weekly publication Yated magazine, written in their signature broken English and bad grammar that is a mainstay of Orthodox Jewish culture.
Rabbi 1: Summer is coming, brace yourself. Rabbi 2: oy vey, summer? People have way too much fun in the summer Rabbi 1: Yeah, it happens every year. It's horrible. All those elbows and beach parties. Rabbi 2:...
With the help of AI, I am now able to attend to my true calling of being a children’s storybook author. This book is about pride. Jewish pride. The best kind.
I made a song about a certain someone. No clue if anyone else will like it. But it was good for my healing. You gotta admit that the metaphor of Noah's ark sinking is a good one though.
Here's how we know that everything on this website is 100% true: (And let me preface this by saying that we don't know anything with absolute certainty, so it's ok that you don't know with absolute certainty as long as you know it with...
Are you wondering how old you are in Jewish? This handy dandy guide will convert your English birth date into the equivalent in Hebrew years. Give it a shot and be amazed! label { font-weight:...
A key Aish tactic in proving God’s existence, was emphasizing the unusual.  There is no nation as oppressed as the Jews.  No other nation claims public revelation. No other book can spell the word Pizza or Hitler...
50 shades of gadlus
Here me out here. You know how Song of Songs, that legendary work of erotic poetry by the wisest of all men, is not actually at all erotic poetry? It's actually a metaphor for God's love for the Jewish people? It's actually the...
Is your yiras shomayim growing thin? Is your inspiration waining? Are you certain you're doing something wrong but not sure what? Shlomie's Shtark Shiurim provide you with the chizuk you need to get through day, one inspirationally deflating message at a time. Learn about...
He's a macher. He can get you into seminary and out jail with a well placed phone call. He can bring you back into the fold or get you excommunicated for life with a flick of his flip phone.

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