Hashgacha Pratis Generator


Are you in need of some chizuk in this trying times?

Do you need an anecdotal story that will remind you without a shadow of a doubt that hashem is looking out for your every move to make sure you are safe and protected?

This handy generator will generate the exact right story that will resonate most strongly with you, based on your unique preferences, gender, and religious outlooks.

The Hashgacha Pratis generator

Hasgacha Pratis Generator

An Unbelievable Hashgacha Pratis Story

This is the story of .

So there he was, on his way to fulfill his holy mission, when suddenly , in a shocking, but not surprising, display of antisemitism.

He was sure all was lost, and that he was a dead man. He muttered a final Shema to himself and prepared to return his soul to its creator.

Then he looked down and saw that instead of penetrating his own body, it had simply pierced the that he carried around with him at all time.

He let out a sigh of relief. He knew in his heart of hearts that his salvation was due entirely to the .

The stranger looked at me. “And you know who that person was?” He smiled.

“Who?” I asked.

“That person,” he replied slowly, “was me.”

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