Kiruv vs. Orthodoxy: Blue and White Edition


I had more fun making this than I did in a long time. Something about drawing attention to individual nuances of the bullshit, framed in the context of how interchangeable any of the responses can be with any of the prompts. 

Scroll through the options below to create your own pairs, or refresh the page to generate some random combinations. You can download the entire set of cards here for free.

This idea turned into a real life print edition as a result of a successful crowdfunding campaign, which was also featured in Zman Eretz Yisroel and the Yerushalaim Post. This game is in no way affiliated with that other card game, their legal team could not impress this upon me strongly enough, and I am passing that information on to you.

After successfully shipping 150 cards to the original Indigogo backers, we’ll be doing additional print runs in smaller batches. Sign up below to be notified about flash print runs.

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What are your favorites? Got any card suggestions of your own?

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