For the most part, I identify as left-leaning. In many ways, I am more critical of Israel than the average Jew. But I have long been aware of the dangers that far left ideologies pose - the prioritization of minority rights above all else, the justification of violence when it's...
Even in this time of crisis, I am incredibly conflicted about the Israeli flag.  I completely support Israel’s right to defend itself. To strike, and strike first, at those who intend to kill Jews. The intentions of those who live in Israel’s own backyard have become crystal clear to many...
When I think of Israel. I think a small group of innovative technologists. A country full of many smart people, disproportionately packed into a space that’s too small for them. Amazing Middle Eastern food. Have you ever noticed that less developed countries have better food? Food for thought. A healthcare system that works...
When my cousins were in the army, my aunt refused to leave the country. For years, she made sure to stick around just in case something happened to them. Aside from the level of devotion this demonstrated, which I can only be jealous of, it's illustrative of something that few...
With all the shit that has been going down in Israel, I figured it was about time I wrote about my take on the subject. (See how you don't even need a date to acknowledge that there is shit going on in Israel?) Let's start with a few premises. The...
I have long had a tenuous relationship with Israel. Israelis as a collective bug the shit out of me. Rude, bureaucratic, with very little sense of tact, sophistication, or anything that I perceived as culture. I never really was Israeli – despite being born there, Hebrew is my second...

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He's a macher. He can get you into seminary and out jail with a well placed phone call. He...


So it had come to this. He was dead, and it was judgement time. His first grade Rebbe...

Pew Pew

Gedlya Goldfinger holstered his PsalmRay. Whereas the rest of the Goyishe Velt used neutron chips and nanotechnology to...

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See also, Anal.

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