The Cult of the “Tolerant”


For the most part, I identify as left-leaning. In many ways, I am more critical of Israel than the average Jew.

But I have long been aware of the dangers that far left ideologies pose – the prioritization of minority rights above all else, the justification of violence when it’s convenient (BLM riots).

There is a deep hypocrisy inherent in all of it, one that seems to come from a place of a lot of privilege: one where you get to sit in an ivory tower and prioritize minutia while losing all sense of nuance to the complexities of the real-world.

Yes, Israel was founded on colonialism.

What do you propose to do about it?

Where would you like 7 million people who have lived there for 80 years, to go?

How do you propose Israel create a two state solution with a terror organization that refuses to recognize its right to exist?

How do you imagine tearing down the “apartheid wall” will play out for millions of civilians?

You, who will raise the roof at the misgendering of a pronoun.

Who will go to war over a culturally misappropriated kimono.

Who will cancel someone’s career over an ill-timed joke.

You can’t find it in you to condemn the intentional killing of a baby? The kidnapping of a grandmother?

Ironically, it is the far left that is the most tolerant of religion, especially Islam, when it is actually radical Islam, and radical Judaism, that have led to the most violent flare-ups in much of Israel’s history (and radical Islam is a far bigger culprit).

So why don’t you shove your open minded views up your own ass until you can learn to apply them evenly across the entire population, until you can foster a modicum of self-awareness, until you can learn to tell the difference between shades of evil, even if it doesn’t make you look quite as virtuous to all those you are trying to signal to.

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