If God Were a Medication, He Wouldn’t Get FDA Approval

A key Aish tactic in proving God’s existence, was emphasizing the unusual. 

All And Nothing

"Judaism is not all or nothing," they preached at Aish Essentials. "Do what...

Freidom Fighter is Absolute Truth

Here's how we know that everything on this website is 100% true:
is aish a cult - the aish hatorah building in front of the western wall in jerusalem, founded by rabbi Noah Weinberg

What is Aish Hatorah? Is Aish a cult?

Aish Hatorah, or Aish, as it eventually changed its name to be in...

Mai Hai

Fear. It was the name of the entire minority.

Touched by an Angle

See also, Anal.

Book Covers

This one is a kiruv special, not aimed at Judaism as a whole. "Did you know the Matrix is a metaphor?That Groundhogs Day teaches us a valuable lesson?That the lead singer for Maroon 5 is Jewish? (and hawt, mmm!)What Gossip Girl can teach you...
You’re the daughter of a King! A king! How awesome is that? Not as awesome as being a son, apparently. I’ve heard, ad nausem, all the apologetic explanations about how women are not less, they’re just DIFFERENT. How the true...
It's been a while. Can you tell I'm angry? I guess this one has been too painful to even make fun of until now. I think this claim is probably the most pretentious and disappointing claim I encountered in Judaism.


Quotes and Memes


Have a Nice Trip

Psychedelics have played a key part in my growth and healing past traumas.

The Zebra Effect

Some questions I had about Judaism, I got answers that worked, to a point.

But it Works for Me

I struggled for a long time with the clash between my own values, own way...


How to Write a Frum Novel

This was a post I wrote in my teens, while I was still very much religious. As you can see, I was...


We're currently in family therapy, all nine of us and two parents. Even with sessions being 90 minutes long, that gives each of us 8 minutes a week to talk about what is most important to us, assuming the therapist doesn't talk at all. (spoiler: she does) The best possible scenario for people to...
Are you in the process of getting brainwashed by an Institute for Jewish Wisdom? Is all that mumbo jumbo getting you down as you try to don a black hat a week after being a regular college kid in California? This handy dandy glossary will provide an explanation for the most common words...