You’re 21. It’s Official!


This a real ad, saving me the effort of needing to Photoshop things.

Here’s a breakdown for those of you who don’t speak retard.

The headline:
You’re toilet trained.
Your pimples are mostly gone.
You know how to read a book in another language. You respectfully listen to everything you’re told, including this ad.
Go make a lot of babies.

The guy:
“Now that I am, taka, 21 years old and pretty much have this thing called life totally figure out, I see no reason why I shouldn’t decide who to marry for the rest of my life and undertake the ultimate responsibility of bringing humans into the world.

I even kind of know how to speak English, and other idiots in my life support my decision because they are similarly delusional. I see no reason this could fail. Marry me.

The shadchan:
“I like fucking up people while they are still young. I actually prefer it. But this English thing is hard, I’m having temporary lapses of yiddish that are affecting my sanity.

And there are TWO sponsoring organizations devoted to the cause. Go them.

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