This a real ad, saving me the effort of needing to Photoshop things. Here's a breakdown for those of you who don't speak retard. The headline:You're toilet trained.Your pimples are mostly gone.You know how to read a book in another language....
I'll just restate my main opinion, starting with my own personal experience: I hate Purim. As an introvert and highly sensitive, the justification for noise, chaos, and zero respect for personal space or belongings would stress me to no end. Yeshiva...
I think I was still religious when I made these. The writing was on the wall. Facebook wall, that is.

Current Weather in Hell

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Even More Freidom

Suffering: Understanding the Ununderstandable

Spot the meme. Also, double negatives are so not not cool.

If God Were a Medication, He Wouldn’t Get FDA Approval

A key Aish tactic in proving God’s existence, was emphasizing the unusual. 

Lights Out

In 1946, following the holocaust, a highly unusual event occurred, one that involved, for the...

Prepare to Meet Your Macher

He's a macher. He can get you into seminary and out jail...

Chapter #12: Darkness

I will not go into detail about this chapter of my life, because it involves...