When I think of Israel.

I think a small group of innovative technologists.

A country full of many smart people, disproportionately packed into a space that’s too small for them.

Amazing Middle Eastern food. Have you ever noticed that less developed countries have better food? Food for thought.

A healthcare system that works impressively well.

And trauma.

Trauma from daily living – the fear of being run over by a bus, or being thrown around like a rag doll in a bus, or packed like a sardine on a bus.

For charging an arm and a leg for shitty housing, your fee for being in a place you didn’t want to be.

For harboring religious fanatics and absolving them of the basic obligations to all children – an education and life without poverty.

Of deep-seated racism for all Middle Easterners, Jewish or otherwise.

For failing to separate church and state.

For being a festering wound of transgenerational trauma where everyone is right and everyone is wrong.

As individuals, most people there are great.

As a collective, they grate against every traumatized fiber of my being. Trauma that was largely their own doing.

I don’t want to ever go back there again.

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