What lost objects are your own, and which must you return to their owners?Rabbi Akiva says a stack of four coins.Rabbi Meir says five.Who is right? Teiku. No one knows. Schmaltzburg leaned against the fence and took a deep drag of the cigarette.
So it had come to this. He was dead, and it was judgement time. His first grade Rebbe had warned him about this moment. Rosh Hashanah davening had reminded him of it. And now, 83 years later, it was really happening.
See also, Hashgacha Pratis.
If you believe in God from a philosophical point of view, you shouldn’t need any emotional scaffolding to keep things up. The absurdity of one-off inspirational stories of any kind should be obvious to even the most casual of contemplators, and yet it forms...
This being a satire website, I couldn't resist satirizing my own book cover, creating a limited edition version of it. I can never see the words Die at the beginning of a sentence and not think of German. Get your holocausty mind out of...
"Never was there as happy a time," the Mishna says, "than Tu B’av. Because on that day all the young ladies would go out to the vineyards to sing and dance, and the dudes would hide in the trees and pick out the one they wanted to...
I think this one actually best expresses the issue that bothers me the most.
I originally wrote this post while I was still religious, and published it under a pseudonym on Jewrotica. At this point, gentlemen, I have nothing to hide. Berel Shtiklwitz was an entrepreneur. A social entrepreneur, to be exact. He recognized...
One of my biggest struggles, even when I was still religious, was with the realization that as a person I had grown way more from therapy and self-help books than from any amount of “Torah wisdom”. This was unacceptable to me. I didn’t want...

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Even More Freidom

But it Works for Me

I struggled for a long time with the clash between my own values, own way...

Holy Shmita

The Bible: And every seven years, leave your land fallow and do not farm it....

Chapter #11: Mitzpeh

Mitzpeh yericho was my only exposure to the National Religious community in Israel.

Kiruv vs. Orthodoxy: Blue and White Edition

I had more fun making this than I did in a long time. Something about...

Chapter #14: Light

It all fell apart one day, and I do not get credit for doing so.