The book cover that started it all. Looking back almost three years to the original comment, I see that I actually independently came up with many of these original ideas. Other titles I can currently come up with include: "Why? answers...
See also, Anal.
See also, Hashgacha Pratis.
I think this one actually best expresses the issue that bothers me the most.
Spot the meme. Also, double negatives are so not not cool.
It's been a while. Can you tell I'm angry? I guess this one has been too painful to even make fun of until now. I think this claim is probably the most pretentious and disappointing claim I encountered in Judaism.
I struggled for a long time with the clash between my own values, own way of doing things, and own personality, and the confines of Jewish law. What if I don't like to be surrounded by other men three times a day as we...
This one’s a doozy. Bear with me. Also, if you have a bit of context, you’ll know this ones strike quite close to home. TL;DR at the end. Here’s how the spiel goes: Judaism is amazing. It’s enlightened. It’s changed the world for the...
In Judaism, we're taught, everything has the right context. Some days, you shouldn't eat anything.Other days, you should stuff yourself like a pig. Some days you shouldn't have sex at all.Other days, sex is a big mitzvah. Some...

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I'll just restate my main opinion, starting with my own personal experience:

Chumash as an Instagram Post

I think I was still religious when I made these. The writing was on the...