Systemic Trauma


Why must drag our next generation through the dregs of the holocaust?

So that it doesn’t happen again? Baloney.

It’s happening right now. It could happen again in a heartbeat. And if it happened to anyone else but your own ethnic kin, you’d be a lot less bothered.

So let’s take 17 years old to a concentration camp.

I am of the opinion that the world is shit enough as it is. That innocence doesn’t need to be systemically eradicated by a visit to Auschwitz. Let it die its natural death.

The people who will be most impacted, read: traumatized, by the experience, least needed it in the first place. Do you think you or I need a reminder that at the turn of a moment we can because sadistic minions at the mercy of a megalomaniac? We either are or aren’t ready to run towards that electric fence.

Let us get through the day. We are all trying to be the best people we can be. The nicest. The kindness.

But trauma begets trauma. And scarcity begets animosity. And fear, well, fear is on the insignia on the SS and on the mission statement of any holocaust remembrance program.

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