When I left religion, I lost the reason to get out of bed in the morning. Aish had the only reason, and I left it behind. No longer was I doing God's work. No longer was I saving the Jewish people, keeping the...
One of the most important days to me, far more than my birthday, is the day I left religion. This is the day, to borrow from fundamentalist religion, that I was born again. For many people it's a gradual...
It’s hard to be compassionate when you’re afraid. And charedim are afraid of everything. Of God, of change, of novelty. Growing up, a healthy dose of compassion would have gone a long way, but there was none to be found. Yiras Shomayim, fear of God, is what...

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I must go now, children. But there is cereal in the pantry and I made...

Maybe You’re Extra Delusional

I was recently called arrogant by a Shabbos guest. I didn’t object,...

Wielding Religion, or: a God-Shaped Dildo

For a long time, I was angry at religion for its own sake.

The Paperclip, The Thumbtack, & The Toilet Plunger

Shloime the Website Builder of Chelm presents...

Chapter #3: Mishna

We didn’t have summer vacation at school. We studied every single day of the year....