When I left religion, I lost the reason to get out of bed in the morning. Aish had the only reason, and I left it behind. No longer was I doing God's work. No longer was I saving the Jewish people, keeping the...
Is your yiras shomayim growing thin? Is your inspiration waining? Are you certain you're doing something wrong but not sure what? Shlomie's Shtark Shiurim provide you with the chizuk you need to get through day, one inspirationally deflating message at a time. Learn about...
One of the most important days to me, far more than my birthday, is the day I left religion. This is the day, to borrow from fundamentalist religion, that I was born again. For many people it's a gradual...

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One of my favorite memories of all time is a simple one. Reuven Karasik and Tehila Ben Kalifa came...

Kiruv vs. Orthodoxy: Blue and White Edition

I had more fun making this than I did in a long time. Something about...

The Big Three

From the back cover: Are you worried that someone from...

Mourning Prayers

Blessed art thou God, who gave the rooster knowledge to differentiate between day and night

Consider Death

Everybody should —in their lifetime consider death, To wonder what it will be like to...