This one is a kiruv special, not aimed at Judaism as a whole.

“Did you know the Matrix is a metaphor?
That Groundhogs Day teaches us a valuable lesson?
That the lead singer for Maroon 5 is Jewish? (and hawt, mmm!)
What Gossip Girl can teach you about having a great Jewish marriage!

If that’s not a reason to drop your life and become so religious you never partake of any of those things anymore, I don’t know what is.”

Real shocker. the outside world also has concepts of struggle, self development, and the human condition. Let’s appropriate all of it as Jewish invention, Jewish influence, Jewish symbolism! Not to mention how cool and relateable it makes us look!

The irony of this Kiruv trick is that the Rabbi’s own children are often not exposed to this “filth”. Shabbat guests are tolerated for behaviors and methods of dress that family members would never be allowed to partake in. Rabbis will switch from their black and white snowsuits to more acceptable polo shirts and baseball caps when they move to campus. What are you, a fucking spy?

Even people within the rest of the Orthodox community have called out the Kiruv movement for this hypocracy, for which I commend them. The Kiruv response is usually something along the lines of “when you’re saving a person’s (spiritual) life from a burning house, your clothes might get singed”.

I have seen those closest to me employ these tactics. Hiring non-Jews to advocate for Israel. Getting Bill Clinton to endorse Aish Hatorah. Whatever it takes to create the persona you need, the Kiruv world will make it happen, and keep their own ludicrous opinions to themselves long enough to keep the deception alive.

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