One of my favorite memories of all time is a simple one. Reuven Karasik and Tehila Ben Kalifa came and stayed with me for the weekend. We had a sleepover. They listened to my stories. We laughed and watched movies and talked like I always imagined friends did - but never...
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There’s a little booklet you can get, and it tells you when you can worship God. He’s available from 6:43 AM until 8:42. After that he’ll be pissed that you missed your appointment. There’s a Siddur you can get, with a compass in the...
Attending a Bar Mitzvah and lost for words? Trying to impress your future father in law but haven't opened up a book in two weeks? Use this nifty, handy dandy, sooper dooper dvar torah generator to create some inspiration...

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Even More Freidom

Touched by an Angle

See also, Anal.

Chapter #11: Mitzpeh

Mitzpeh yericho was my only exposure to the National Religious community in Israel.

Maybe You’re Extra Delusional

I was recently called arrogant by a Shabbos guest. I didn’t object,...

Would Your Parents Lie to You?

“No other religion claims to have experienced public revelation. Therefore, it’s a claim that is...